A lighting designer discovers bamboo boards and panels

It’s such fun to see how designers start to apply their ideas to bamboo boards. In this post I look at a designer who has used these boards to design light shades. I’ll discuss the techniques used to achieve the effects he created.

Calvino Light Pendants & Calvino Parkade Light Box

Calvino Parkade light shade manufactured with bamboo boardPropellor Calvino - bamboo light shade boxes

Italo Calvino Luigi Silori

Italo Calvino - image via Wikipedia

The designer writes this about their Calvino Pendant lights:

The Calvino series of pendants sprang from our experiments in the wood shop with one of our favorite eco-friendly materials, laminated bamboo. Grouped together they remind us of lit windows in buildings at night so we named them after Italo Calvino in honour of his great book, Invisible Cities.

Propellor Parkade bamboo light shade - wall mountedThe above pendant and box lights would typically be cut from a standard 16 mm bamboo board. You could consider the most popular 20 mm board, but you would then need to consider the weight of the box and ensure you provided a suitable fastening structure.

One thing that the designer has done is to use a CNC machine to cut the patterns into the sides of the boards, creating a unique effect whilst still allowing the light through.

The boxes are finished using a natural oil coating and the light is generated using 13 watt CFL bulbs – creating that warm light effect.

The Calvino Parkade light can be attached directly to a wall as well.

Propellor Centuary Chandelier

This design makes use of the 5 mm bamboo board also finished with natural oils and uses 5 watt CCFL bulbs.

Propellor Century - bamboo chandelierPropellor Century bamboo chandelier - close up

This designer is truly getting closer to the ideal of eco-friendly lighting.

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