Fun home items made from bamboo panels

Three by Three in Seattle, USA manufacture a range of nifty bamboo boards, home butlers and organisers for the home.

Some great ideas for your projects where you can use our super versatile Eco-Logic Bamboo panel.


Here’s Three by Three’s descriptions of their bamboo panel based products:

bamboo dry•erase entry butler™

The three compartments of our efficient bamboo entry butler™ hold a phone, pen, mail, etc. Real bamboo has a patent-pending dry•erase surface. Two metal hooks hold keys, scarves, bags…

bamboo dry•erase desktop to•do boards

Make paperless, re-writable to-do lists on this dry•erase board, with a pen nook and dry•erase surface on the front, and black fabric on the back. The removable stand allows the board to be carried alone.

desktop tablet

A larger version of our to•do board, the desktop tablet has enough room to take meeting notes or flesh out ideas and designs. Like the to•do board, the tablet is a paperless, rewritable, eco-friendly choice.

Removable stand allows board to be carried alone.



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  1. Andrew Fischer says:

    Are there any reasons not to make breadboards out of bamboo lumber-core
    type solid bamboo plywood? would it vary by brand and by the type of glue
    used in the manufacturing process?

    thank you for any information

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