Green homes – the dorm oasis

Sarah and Rogan live in a college dormitory – they are the “dorm parents” to 200 college freshmen.

Dorm oasis - doorBut when you walk past this normal door , you’ll discover that they have turned their apartment (by combining 4 student dorm rooms) into a tranquil oasis amid the goings on of a university dorm.

Here are some of the comments:

What a surprising oasis in the middle of college chaos – not to mention a great example for them – warm, cheerful, fun and GREEN! Thanks for sharing!

posted by clchilds


Oh this is so the only way I’d ever live on campus! lol

That’s a very, very nice kitchen for dorm living!!

posted by missnic


Love your place! I am especially taken by your kitchen design as the space almost exactly mirrors the kitchen I need to redo in a Chicago condo. Could you tell me how deep your island cabinets are? And how wide is your aisle? Thanks for any help.

posted by kdenning

Have a look at what they did …


"Gloucester Harbour" oil on canvas by Winslow Homer

"Gloucester Harbour" oil on canvas by Winslow Homer via Wikipedia

The apartment, created from four student dorm rooms, was designed by the university as a model for sustainable campus housing. The historic building, once a 19th- and early 20th-century bachelor’s residence for Edgar Allen Poe, Winslow Homer and Charlie Chaplin, received a 21st century makeover, with cork floors, bamboo cabinets, and recycled glass kitchen counters made from old medical instruments. Little touches – abundant plants, a cheerful lettuce planter, worms munching on leftovers – make the small space feel as lush as the park outside.


Here is how Sarah and Rogan describe their apartment:

“Comfortable contemporary,” with modular elements throughout. In an inevitably small urban space, pieces that do double duty are essential. So the counter stools transform into dining chairs, and the dining table (which, with leaves, seats 8-10) becomes a floor-hugging coffee table at the touch of a lever.

The floors are cork. Cabinets are bamboo. Paint is low-VOC. Recycled medical equipment countertop. When possible, we bought organic rugs, towels and other accoutrements.

Go and read the whole story at

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