Bamboo shelves – greening Firehouse

Suspended bamboo shelvingIn this post, we look at bamboo for shelves.

Recently I got a call from Simona. She was expanding her shop and was looking for more bamboo for additional shelving.

So we got chatting and she told me what she was doing …

Simona’s shop, Firehouse is a hidden gem at the back of the well known Dunkeld West Centre in Johannesburg. A haven filled with home essentials, luxuries, art pieces, gifts, bath & body products, jewellery & much more.

Creating beautiful spaces, ideas and experiences is what they love to do. 

[pinit url=”…ning-firehouse” image_url=”×768.jpg” description=”Cable hung bamboo shelving for heavy ceramics and pottery – Check them out at Firehouse” float=”right”] Bamboo boards as shelves

Their product lines include ceramics and stoneware. If you didn’t know, ceramics & stoneware can be very heavy, so she needs shelves that can stand up to the weight (a couple of hundred kilograms).

Being environmentally conscious, Simona opted for bamboo shelving, but with a great twist; she has suspended the bamboo shelving from cables in the roof.

This idea provided the strength needed while at the same time creating an inviting, open look for the shop. We think that the bamboo shelving and their beautiful products are a great fit.

Strength of bamboo shelves

Bamboo boards have incredible strength (read this post comparing Maple to Bamboo for more on that), so her choice of bamboo for shelving meets both of her needs. Strength plus green credentials.

Indoor air quality

You know that “new” smell you get when you walk into a new kitchen? Or that “new” smell you get when you sit in a new car? That’s Formaldehyde, a Cancer forming poisonous gas.

This gas is released from the glues commonly used in the manufacture of pressed veneer boards, commonly used for shelves and counters in shop fitting.

Eco-Logic bamboo boards emit so little of this gas that it’s barely detectable with fancy scientific instruments. So Simona, her staff and clients don’t have to breathe in that poisonous Formaldehyde all day long.

Are you opening or redecorating a shop?

If you are opening a shop or redecorating, get your shop fitter to look at bamboo.

We have super light weight bamboo shelving and solid bamboo shelves like Simona used in her shop.

You can also use bamboo for cladding and ceiling bulk heads to hide those ugly beams. Being very durable, you can use it for your till counters.

What about display counters? Bamboo counter tops are also a great feature.

Have a look at the other examples on this site. There are some great ideas from others who have also switched to bamboo.

Well done Simona – we wish you every success at Firehouse. Check them out at or call them on 011 325 2225.

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