Bamboo boards in the shop

This application is totally off the wall, but it’s fun just for that reason.

Charlie Sorrel used to work as a the sole waiter in a restaurant where the cash register consisted of a wooden cigar box and a solar-powered Casio calculator. Here is a modern alternative to their old cigar box.

It’s called the Cashbox and it is fashioned from beautiful bamboo varnished to look like a hideous high-school craft project. Read on to see the “upgraded” version …

This bamboo cash box / till / checkout register is essentially an iPad, a card processing machine, chit printer and a secure money drawer.

The iPad is mounted in a cradle, which can be swung to face the customer. The iPad will simply flip it’s screen display to face up for the customer. This is especially handy asb the customer can sign directly on the iPad screen – how tree saving is that? Bamboo and paperless receipts!

And while we’re talking about the iPad – how about having an in-store “Like” our Facebook page to receive updates on special offers? Right there while they are making a purchase? The marketing possibilities are awesome. Great work to the guys at Happy Owl Studio!

The cash drawer is cut and sized to be compatible with an Industry-Standard Hardware; the Vasario 1416 APG Cash Drawer. And finally, there is the Star TSP 650 receipt printer (industry standard) squeezed inside – for those who insist on a paper receipt. A nice little hole for the paper is machined out and the edges routed to be nice and smooth.

The team at Happy Owl Studio are happy to customize! They offer the option to have a panel of the Cashbox laser engraved with whatever you’d like!

And how’s this for über convenience?

The iPad can be secured into the Cashbox in either portrait or landscape orientation. The iPad can also be removed from the Cashbox and still be used in conjunction with the cash drawer and receipt printer from anywhere on the same wireless network.

Oh! And there’s aheadphone jack, so you can play the shop music from the “iPod” app on the iPad as well – nifty.

How much will it cost to wrap all this lastest technology in the bamboo box substitute?

In our rudimentary calculations, the raw materials came to about R 580 (bamboo) + R 80 (varnish, consumables). And the fun time of planning and making it.

Because the raw material was from a bamboo board, the unknown costing of prepping up solid timber is gone. Just send the cutting list to your local Lumber City for cutting of the bamboo board to the pieces you need. Assemble and finish. That’s it!

Happy dreaming up more novel ways to use solid bamboo boards and plywood panels.

Bamboo board details for the techies:

Solid Bamboo Materials Certifications

FSC® C012079 The material in this product comes from well-managed forests, independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Bamboo is grown with little to no fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation and in Happy Owls Studio’s case the stalks have been harvested at only 4 years of age, making it highly ecologically friendly and renewable resource.

The leather on the cradle that holds the iPad is tanned with only natural extracts and oils at a modern tannery using the latest metal free tanning process technology. The South American hides are collected from cattle that were not raised in the Amazon Rain Forest, which sadly, is an important distinction as cattle ranching now covers nearly 80% of deforested Amazon land.

GBCSA credits for use of bamboo boards in South Africa

  • IEQ-14 Formaldehyde minimisation (Max: 1 point)
  • MAT-8 Sustainable Timber (Max: 2 points)

Bamboo cash register - made from bamboo boards - dimensions

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    Love your box. Do you ship to Denmark, Europe? And how much does the beauty cost?

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