Solid bamboo cladding

A very common application of bamboo panels is as wall cladding. Here are a few examples of bamboo wall coverings to give you a few ideas of what it possible: This very textured wall is clad with strand woven bamboo boards interspersed with peach pip “flooring”.

Solid bamboo wall cladding corner shot In this example the designer has used a carbonised strand woven bamboo panel and routed horizontal groves to give the appearance of planks. This application gives the wall a “thick plank” look and feel.

The corner is contrasted with a lighter strand woven bamboo plywood panel mounted with the grain running from the floor to the roof. Both walls are finished with an oil product.

Solid bamboo wall cladding - screen style In the above application, bamboo boards are cut into strips and then “threaded” with stiff wire to create a screen. Notice how the designer has then bent the stiff wire to create the shapes against the cladded wall and positioned the lighting to create an effect with the shadows.

Solid bamboo wall cladding sound proofing In the above application, the designer has drilled a solid bamboo board with a regular hole pattern. The back of the board in this case was covered with recycled rubber crumb from a company such as ENV & E.

This sound board makes for a great dry wall application with rubber crumb as a void filler. The result is a dry wall that acts as a great sound deadener and thermal insulator. This makes for a super eco-friendly dry wall – sustainable bamboo and recycled rubber.

It is not necessary to have a solid bamboo panel with all the holes, the example above was just a specific application for acoustic sound dampening in a music concert hall.

Solid bamboo wall cladding textured mix The cladding application on the above picture was to cut different length strips from a 16 mm solid bamboo board (horizontal surface construction). The strips were cut along the bamboo stip join lines.

These strips were then mounted along a top and bottom solid rail. The random effect was created by the varying lengths of the solid bamboo strips.

Solid bamboo wall cladding textured corner Mounted alongside the strip cladding are bamboo plywood panels cut to a standard sized square and mounted with the grains at 90˚ to each other. This creates a nice “parquet” effect.

Bamboo panel cladding - restaurant application

The above example comes from another bamboo panel supplier. It simply shows a cladding application in a hotel lobby and restaurant. Then to finish off this post, we wanted to show you a practical example of a wall covering application from set up to completion.

Bamboo cladding – a practical installation example

This example is from the MTN high volume repair center in Johannesburg.

Bamboo cladding wall preparation with batonsBamboo cladding wall - glue to the backing: zoom-out viewBamboo cladding wall - glue to the backing: close-up view On the first picture, you can see how the installer has glued and nailed backing strips to the wall.

What you can’t see is that the plaster has been treated with a moisture barrier product. This is important with all timber products as they are hygroscopic. The solid bamboo plywood panels are then glued to the backing strips and clamped until the glue has dried (pictures 2 & 3).

It is preferable to use an elasticized glue for this application. We have seen other installers successfully use standard contact adhesive directly to the wall, but you need to be 100% sure that there will be no moisture in the wall.

Solid bamboo wall cladding - MTN repair center: disabled access ramp

The above photo shows the finished product along the walls of the disabled access ramp. The photo below shows the cladded wall next to the cafeteria.

Solid bamboo wall cladding - MTN repair center cafeteria

All the flooring and stair treads & risers you see in these pictures are Eco-Logic Bamboo commercial strand woven bamboo flooring planks.

As you can see, the applications are only limited by your imagination.

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  1. I was thinking of cladding existing built in cupboard doors with a bamboo finish. What do you recommend and would this be advisable for a DIY project or would I need special equipment?

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