Bamboo nights and lights

Looking at bamboo lights, we are focussing on designs by the incredibly talented David Trubridge.

Made in New Zealand, by David Trubridge Design. David mixes old world skills and craftsmanship, adds sustainable materials then throws in some high-tech genius.

Kina Bamboo light

David Trubridge - Kina bamboo natural bamboo in situDavid Trubridge - Kina bamboo natural bambooDavid Trubridge - Kina bamboo light dark styleDavid Trubridge - Kina bamboo light flat pack

Kina in David’s own words:

“Kina is the Maori name for the local sea-urchin. Under the spines the shell is shaped like this with similar surface patterns. I saw this tiny one in Antarctica, sunk in the sea ice in a hollow that was made when the shell absorbed the warmth from the sun and melted the ice around it – an exquisite jewel. Our kitsets significantly reduce freighting, which is one of our ways of doing what we can to help preserve our beautiful sea and land environments.” – David Trubridge

Cut from solid bamboo plywood panels, one can see how wonderfully bamboo responds to machining. Whether it’s a CNC, laser cutter or simply a jigsaw, bamboo is even grained, making it easy to cut any shape you desire.

Next we look at David’s Floral Painted bamboo light.

Floral Painted bamboo light

David Trubridge - Coral bamboo natural bamboo in situDavid Trubridge - Coral bamboo natural bambooDavid Trubridge - Coral bamboo natural bamboo - red & lime lightDavid Trubridge - Coral bamboo natural bamboo - orange & pink light

Floral Painted is made from bamboo panels with the inside painted in a choice of vibrant colors. David then leaves the outside with a natural bamboo finish.

What’s neat is that these designs ships flat packed with excellent instructions for self-assembly.

In David’s own words:

We have designed making a Floral to be a fun and easy job, but a little help goes a long way. We and the earth appreciate you taking the time to assemble this kitset, because flat pack shipping minimizes the effect on the environment.

Traces bamboo light shade

David’s adventures around the world provide a plethora of inspiration for his work. Like an avid collector, he photographs the natural world.

Traces, his bamboo light shade which is part of the collection of the same name, is a response to these visual memories which capture colour, pattern and form.

“The photos are the only trace I have of my time in these places,” David says. “On the aeroplane coming home, I’d often draw expressive ‘doodles’ as an attempt to create, in a sort of meditative process, something of my feeling for the rhythms and patterns of nature.”

David Trubridge - Traces bamboo natural bamboo light shade using bamboo veneerDavid Trubridge - Traces bamboo natural bamboo light shade using bamboo veneer - in situ

These light shades are made from bamboo veneer, available in thicknesses between 0.25 mm to 5 mm. The designs are then etched into the bamboo veneer using a CNC or laser.

The Swish and Swirl bamboo light shades

“Flow explores the conversation between form, line, and motion. These are intended for clients who want more subtle lighting, with light diffusing panels which prevent the glare of the bulb showing through the gaps in the wood.” – David Trubridge

David Trubridge - Swish bamboo natural bamboo light David Trubridge - Swish bamboo dark bamboo lightDavid Trubridge - Swirl bamboo light bamboo lightDavid Trubridge - Swirl bamboo dark bamboo light

Swirl and swish speak so well to the flexibility of solid bamboo plywood panels as a raw material for your designs.

Look at how well the edges are finished and the shapes into which the bamboo strips are machined (Floral & Kina are also a great testimony to the machinability of bamboo).

Thank you David for your incredible creativity with bamboo plywood panels and veneer in the design of these bamboo lights.

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