Bamboo Board Cutting List Calculator

PSL board cutting optimization softwareSolid timber in a stable flat board format? Unlikely!

Unlikely? Really? Not any more!

With Bamboo’s incredible stability you can now have all the benefits of working with timber AND all the benefits of a standardized dimension flat board.

Yip! You got it – no more tedious prep work on your solid timber planks before you can even start with your project! Bamboo boards – solid timber in a READY-TO-USE flat board format. Start saving today.

How many Bamboo Boards for your Project?

We’ve teamed up with PSL Optimization Software to help you see how many boards you’ll need for your project

Enter the dimensions of the same thickness pieces you will need for your project. When you have added the dimensions of all your project pieces, click the “Click to upload your cutting list” button and we’ll send you an optimized cutting list – for FREE!

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