Ideas for bamboo in furniture designs

We wanted to give you a few furniture ideas to help you see how you could incorporate bamboo into your designs and work flow. In this post we’ll look at the work of a furniture designer who has incorporated solid bamboo in their designs.
The designer we’ll be looking at is Markus Schell, a Berlin based […]

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How does solid bamboo sound?

A bamboo guitar? Fender® are celebrating 60 years of the Telecaster® being around.
One of the ways of celebrating was to manufacture a “Telebration” Lamboo Telecaster® guitar. Have a looksee for yourself …

Isn’t she a beaut? But how does she sound?
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Bamboo wallet case for the iPhone 4

How’s this for simple, convenient and just plain cool? Well done Kangarew® on a great idea and design. Not to mention the novel use of bamboo boards and panels.

Ideal for those who don’t like bulky pockets.
Look at how well the bamboo is shaped by a CNC router.
Happy creating & designing.
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