Bamboo snake cage

What do snakes and solid bamboo have in common?

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Bamboo nights and lights

Looking at bamboo lights and shades, we are focussing on designs by the incredibly talented David Trubridge. Click to see more …

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How does solid bamboo sound?

A bamboo guitar? Fender® are celebrating 60 years of the Telecaster® being around.
One of the ways of celebrating was to manufacture a “Telebration” Lamboo Telecaster® guitar. Have a looksee for yourself …

Isn’t she a beaut? But how does she sound?
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Solid bamboo cladding

A very common application of bamboo panels is as wall cladding. Here are a few examples of bamboo wall coverings to give you a few ideas of what it possible:
This very textured wall is clad with strand woven bamboo boards interspersed with peach pip “flooring”.
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Bamboo wallet case for the iPhone 4

How’s this for simple, convenient and just plain cool? Well done Kangarew® on a great idea and design. Not to mention the novel use of bamboo boards and panels.

Ideal for those who don’t like bulky pockets.
Look at how well the bamboo is shaped by a CNC router.
Happy creating & designing.
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Bamboo Interior Design Portfolio Book

[pinit url=”…portfolio-book” image_url=”×208.jpg” description=”Klo Portfolios have created a great Interior Design Portfolio Book cover out of a bamboo panel.” float=”right”] Klo Portfolios have created a great Interior Design Portfolio Book cover out of a bamboo panel. They have used carbonised bamboo plywood panels for the cover. The really neat use of a CNC logo […]

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Green homes – the dorm oasis

Sarah and Rogan live in a college dormitory – they are the “dorm parents” to 200 college freshmen.
But when you walk past this normal door , you’ll discover that they have turned their apartment (by combining 4 student dorm rooms) into a tranquil oasis amid the goings on of a university dorm.
Here are some of […]

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Solid bamboo panel mounts

Melissa Brandman came up with a novel idea – solid bamboo panels as mounts for her pictures.
[pinit url=”” image_url=”×224.jpg” description=”I’m loving my newest product : bamboo panel mounts – a modern, eco-chic alternative to the gallery canvas wrap.” float=”right”]
Melissa says:
I’m not just the photographer, I’m a client too.  (Can you name that commercial, anyone?)
I’m […]

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Bamboo products from “Grove”

Just the other day we were showing you how intricate joins can be made using a laser cutter on your bamboo panels or boards. Today we want to showcase a company in Portland Oregon. Grove!
They manufacture cases for Apple iPhones & iPads + have a bunch of designs for decals and wall art – all […]

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Fun home items made from bamboo panels

Three by Three in Seattle, USA manufacture a range of nifty bamboo boards, home butlers and organisers for the home.
Some great ideas for your projects where you can use our super versatile Eco-Logic Bamboo panel.
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Is Bamboo really that flexible & strong?

We love it when the skateboard and surfboard manufacturers use our bamboo boards.
They really test the limits of bamboo with their products. What they do with the boards (controlled falling down a slippery mountainside???) is hardcore. If the components of their boards are inferior, things get real messy real quick.
It is for this reason they […]

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A lighting designer discovers bamboo boards and panels

It’s such fun to see how designers start to apply their ideas to bamboo boards. In this post I look at a designer who has used these boards to design light shades. I’ll discuss the techniques used to achieve the effects he created.
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Bamboo Long Board

The first time we even considered the idea of a “bamboo board” was when one of our floors was being installed in a kitchen. The kitchen company had seen the bamboo flooring and asked us if there was a bamboo product that they could use for kitchen counter tops. We were intrigued at the idea.
It […]

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Laser cutting a bamboo board

Bamboo boards mill very well (it’s hard as Oak), so you can achieve those clean cuts or fancy router profile cuts in your designs. But, did you know that there is a whole new world of shapes that open up when you use a laser cutter or a laser etching machine?
In this post, we have […]

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