Ideas for bamboo in furniture designs

Designer Markus Schell

We wanted to give you a few furniture ideas to help you see how you could incorporate bamboo into your designs and work flow. In this post we’ll look at the work of a furniture designer who has incorporated solid bamboo in their designs.

The designer we’ll be looking at is Markus Schell, a Berlin based German architect and founder of “Gesellschaft für Bessere Möbel” – “The Society for Better Furniture”.

Markus has stuck to a very efficient design method that translates very well into a cost effective manufacturing line. This allows him to exploit the benefits of an optimized cut list that standard sized boards allow. Once the boards are cut into the components, all that remains is the fitting and finishing.

By steering away from complex shapes, he has eliminated much of the need for expensive equipment from his production line. This kind of thinking translates directly into his bottom line.

This is what Markus has to say about bamboo:

Bamboo is not a wood, but ideal for furniture making: hard, elastic and smooth. It also fits perfectly with a society that wants to be sustainable – some varieties grow 30 centimeters a day.

Let’s have a look at a few of his designs … [Continue reading]

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Bamboo snake cage

Boa constrictor

Boa constrictor — PG Palmer AU (

Does anything “snake” creep you out?

Paul Harper from the Wood Work Workshop received an unusual enquiry from a client.

“Can you build a snake cabinet for our Boa-constrictors from a material that’ll not poison the snakes?”

This was the beginning of an unusual project for The Wood Work Workshop.

[Continue reading]

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