Contemporary furniture in wood

Bamboo desk - Factor Design

[pinit url="" image_url="" description="This is one of a few really … [Continue reading]

Bamboo shelves – greening Firehouse

Bamboo boards as shelves

In this post, we look at bamboo for shelves. Recently I got a call from Simona. She was expanding her shop and was looking for more bamboo for additional shelving. So we got chatting and she told me what she was doing ... … [Continue reading]

Bamboo versus Maple plywood boards

3.2 mm bamboo panel - flexural strength test

Maple has always been the standard for skate boards. We have always touted the strength of bamboo when compared to other timbers such as Maple, Oak and Saligna. But one often has to get a bit technical to prove the point. Then, one stumbles into … [Continue reading]

Bamboo wallet case for the iPhone 4

Bamboo wallet for iphone

How's this for simple, convenient and just plain cool? Well done Kangarew® on a great idea and design. Not to mention the novel use of bamboo boards and panels. Ideal for those who don't like bulky pockets. Look at how well the bamboo is … [Continue reading]

Desktop bamboo dry erase board

Dry erase white board

QuirkySuyen was on a mission to redecorate her office. One of the items on her shopping list was one of those dead boring dry white boards for random notes and reminders. But QuirkySuyen was not just looking for the ordinary board. She was out … [Continue reading]

Bamboo Interior Design Portfolio Book

Bamboo panel - portfolio book over close up

[pinit url="…portfolio-book" image_url="" description="Klo Portfolios have created a … [Continue reading]


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