Is Bamboo really that flexible & strong?

Marhar flex test - the bamboo can bend

We love it when the skateboard and surfboard manufacturers use our bamboo boards. Why? They really test the limits of bamboo with their products. What they do with the boards (controlled falling down a slippery mountainside???) is hardcore. If the … [Continue reading]

A lighting designer discovers bamboo boards and panels

Calvino Parkade light shade manufactured with bamboo board

It's such fun to see how designers start to apply their ideas to bamboo boards. In this post I look at a designer who has used these boards to design light shades. I'll discuss the techniques used to achieve the effects he created. … [Continue reading]

Bamboo Stairs – Treads & Risers

Bamboo floating stairs bottom view

There is a trend, where we are seeing an increasing number designers using bamboo boards for stair treads and risers. A couple of years ago, we had the odd designer using the boards for this application, but now this application is becoming more … [Continue reading]

Bamboo Long Board

Bamboo - Gun skate deck

The first time we even considered the idea of a "bamboo board" was when one of our floors was being installed in a kitchen. The kitchen company had seen the bamboo flooring and asked us if there was a bamboo product that they could use for kitchen … [Continue reading]

Laser cutting a bamboo board

Plyboo bamboo board laser cut fine finger joints by Joe Mansfield

Bamboo boards mill very well (it's hard as Oak), so you can achieve those clean cuts or fancy router profile cuts in your designs. But, did you know that there is a whole new world of shapes that open up when you use a laser cutter or a laser etching … [Continue reading]

Baby & youth bamboo furniture

More and more manufaturers are realising how great (and profitible) it is to manufacture their furniture ranges out of bamboo board. In this post I wanted to highlight the great match that exists between baby and childrens furniture & bamboo … [Continue reading]


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